How to stake FIS (Stafi) and get rewards

⚡️Stake with Stafi Sitara validator Winner and get rewards ⚡️

My Stafi Validator node is ANOVERNODE.TOP and i’m WINNER of Stafi Sitara contest for best validators, also i’m manager of Italian Community.
From now You can stake your FIS token on Mainnet and nominate to get rewards (10–12% APY).

  1. Create a new account (or restore your account if you’ve partecipated to stakingdrop campaign)

2. To stake your FIS make nomination (use following validators list)

Select Stakingon the upper menu's Networksubmenu, then select Nominatoron Account actions.

2.Select Stash Account and Controller account on setup nominator pop up page, then fill in Bond amount, and clickNext.

Select reward destination (stash or controller) and click NEXT button

3.You can select now validators. Search this address and after click nominate

Address: 34USEoykgcCPxuwi2X9Hp8bxNG4Li4atwmK3dHWXeGNzMni5

Address: 2ztbfST2pkDosgcoTnXjoRYWAArx2WnfmBfuALn7UHGq1mu2

when you have added this validators you can click on “Bond & nominate” button and after Sign and Submit

Now you need to wait about 6h and after your nomination will be active and ou can check your erned rewards daily!

Extra for stakingdrop users:

➕ 1. If you have partecipated to stakingdrop first restore-account: