Tutorial: how to stake AVAX and earn 10–12% APY with official wallet

Learn how you can earn AVAX rewards for staking your tokens and securing the Avalanche platform

With Avalanche, staked tokens are never at risk of a faulty network crackdown.


The Avalanche Wallet is a web-based application with no middleware or any kind of server communication.

The Avalanche Wallet can be accessed here.

Step 1 — Open the Avalanche Wallet

You can access your wallet using your key phrase, keystore file, or Ledger Nano S. Alternatively you can create a new account.

Step 2 — Navigate to “Earn” section

To stake, you need to have your funds available on the Platform Chain (P-Chain)! If your funds are on the Exchange Chain (X-Chain), we will need to transfer them to the P-Chain by initiating a cross-chain transfer.

Enter the amount you wish to transfer to your P-Chain and complete the transfer by clicking the “Transfer” button below.

Step 3 — After click on EARN section again, and select DELEGATE

In validators searchbox place this value (My validator):


Specify your staking period and stake amount. Pay attention to the end time of the selected validator. Your delegation period cannot be set to end past the end date that the validator has set.

Confirm the details!

All set! Now you are ready to stake your Avax, you can earn token wit 10–12 APY, you can check staking revenue with this tool: https://avascan.info/staking.

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